a borderless
financial platform

We have a dream that we can help build a global-scale free market, one that enables each and every person in the world to thrive together. We strive to become a leading global financial services platform that enables anyone around the world access to quality currency minus the requisite border restrictions, one that provides a virtuous cycle of mutual benefits for all customers involved.

A borderless financial platform helping people to live better together

Take Control
of Your Assets

We think people should be at the center of the new global financial system.
We build the tools to make that dream a reality.



Access the best opportunities around the globe and beat what your bank offers.
Earn interest from the best Fintech Lenders in the world by putting your Gluwacoins to work in our savings, bond and prize accounts.
Follow your investments on our Creditcoin network, guaranteeing maximum transparency.


Gluwacoin Wallet

Gluwacoin is a stablecoin standard extending the ERC-20.
It inherently supports enhanced usability features such as ETHless transfer and non-custodial exchange.
Gluwa Wallet is a non-custodial wallet, which means you have full control over your assets. Turn your smartphone into a hardware wallet.


Simple, Stable
and Swift
Crypto Payment

Crypto payment has never been easier.
With Gluwa, you can now accept payments from anyone on the Internet.



Giving you a native experience - exchange cryptocurrencies
without losing control over your assets.


Make your money work for you by investing in businesses
and startups around the world using Gluwa Capital. Our different savings products allow you
to tailor your investment decisions to your individual needs and preferences.


Gluwa's non-custodial exchange allows users to exchange their cryptocurrency without losing control of their money.
Gluwa's non-custodial exchange is fully decentralized, featuring peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange
between market makers and market takers. Anybody can become a market maker.


Gluwa Wallet is a borderless cryptocurrency wallet.
Store, Send, Receive and Check your cryptocurrencies in one place.
You can use your wallet anytime, anywhere.


Pay using ETHless transfer, meaning you don't need Ethereum to pay your transaction fees,
we'll take care of it for you! Gluwa Wallet features an optional sidechain powered by luniverse,
making your transactions faster and cheaper than ever before.
QR code payment support included.


Since the system is built on the convenience of finance,
we believe it will in turn create a virtuous cycle of mutual benefits for everyone involved.

We're building a new kind of financial platform - designed to connect and empower people wherever they may be.

April 20, 2021

Gluwa is building financial infrastructure to empower...

April 20, 2021

Gluwa Chats: Jenfi 06 - Jenfi's investment partnership with Gluwa.

In this episode we discuss Jenfi's strategic decision to partner up with Gluwa Capital.

April 17, 2021

Gluwa News Digest Vol. 4

This Week. we cover Visa, love on the blockchain, the Kimchi Premium and more...

April 16, 2021

PSA: We will move some of our $CTC (G-CRE) to other wallets for 1) security reasons, 2) token sales buyers who didn't collect them yet, and 3) ecosystem development.

April 20, 2021

In an increasingly interconnected world, the Gluwa Wallet gives people the freedom to send their funds anywhere, anytime - connecting global investors with global borrowers, wherever they may be.

April 18, 2021

We're very happy to welcome another exciting member to the Gluwa team - Jenna Lee will be working in QA to ensure the seamless operation of our products and services.

April 16, 2021