a borderless
financial platform

We have a dream to help build an open and interconnected world, one that gives each and every person in it, an opportunity to thrive together.
National boundaries, information asymmetries, and financial exclusion all continue to undermine the potential of the global financial system.
We strive to create a new, reliable, and open alternative using blockchain technology, with information transparency at the very heart of our vision for the future.
By giving anybody in the world access to valued currency, credit, or investment opportunities, free from national boundaries, we are building a future of financial inclusion, in which everybody can be their own bank.


Gluwa is a global team distributed across the US, Canada, South Korea and several other countries.
Our team of industry experts have years of experience working in several industries including
Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency Trading, Financial Services, Computer Science, High Traffic Systems, Clinical Psychology and more.

Tae Oh

Founder and CEO

- Built blockchain products since 2012
- Founder of Creditcoin (Market Cap over $1B)
- Bachelor’s in Computational Biology at Carnegie Mellon University



- Incorporated


- Announced the Creditcoin Project


- 1M borrowers
- Launched a non-custodial wallet and exchange


- Launched a stablecoin product


- Launch Savings Account- Launch Bond Account
- Launch Premium Bond Account
- Scale to 3 lending companies, 100k investors and 10M borrowers
- Launch Credit Payment


- Launched the mainnet of Creditcoin

Our Mission:

A Borderless Financial Platform


Gluwacoin Wallet

Simple, Stable and
Swift Crypto Payment


Gluwa combines decentralized financial infrastructure
with global investment opportunities to offer a revolutionary new financial platform.
A platform which gives its users the keys to their own destiny.

Our Commitment to


At Gluwa, we are committed to building products that empower people regardless of their ethnicity, nationality, socioeconomic status, and gender by providing tools and resources they need to access open and transparent financial systems. We embrace these social values with innovative technology. We also continue to advance strategic initiatives that support underserved communities.

Working with Global Partners
to build the future

Gluwa works in close-partnership with global companies to  deliver our vision of a truly borderless global financial platform.