Sound Currency for Everyone

Gluwa is reinventing the global financial landscape. Our technologies transcend the boundaries of time, geography, and economic disparity to enhance the utility, convenience, transparency, and equality of the global financial industry.

Our name comes from the French word "gloire," which translates to "glory." "Gloire" was also the name of the worldʼs first ocean-going ironclad ship, which disrupted existing naval technology. In a similar manner, Gluwa is bringing innovation and change to the finance industry.

Establishing Accessibility

We believe that accessibility builds a network, and that networks create value.
By obsessively enhancing the accessibility of technological infrastructures, we aim to
build the robust, scalable, flexible foundations of a new and inclusive global financial system.

A Borderless Financial Platform

Gluwa combines financial infrastructure with applications
to connect people from different parts of the world.


Applications run on top of our digital wallet platform, allowing the management of money, credit, and identity.


At our core is a digital wallet that makes conducting a global transaction as easy as sending a text message.


Our blockchain-based infrastructure provides objectivity, easy access and security to your market.

Connecting With Certainty

Our inclusive global financial network provides objective information and an immutable transaction record, allowing users across the globe to transact securely.