"Currency is not only used to buy goods and services ... people should be able to lend and borrow to make it a currency."
- James Rickards, Currency Wars
More than $600 billion of capital sits disconnected in separate blockchains.

According to the IMF, global nominal GDP was $78.5 trillion in 2014. However, Aon pegged the total size of the global capital investment market at $101.1 trillion in June 2013. If this relationship stays the same for cryptocurrency, then the $445 billion market cap at the end of 2017 means a potential cryptocurrency investment market of $573 billion.

Why decentralize?

The blockchain is a technology of objectivity that provides a better alternative to trust in third parties. The Creditcoin Network is a transparent credit market for crypto assets, built upon blockchain technology that allows you to pursue your goals and dreams without taking a leap of faith.

Our Mission

A sound currency must be lendable. Our goal is to connect blockchain assets with a straightforward protocol to create an inter-blockchain lending market, bringing the crypto ecosystem closer to a sound currency.

What we do

Creditcoin connects many blockchains to create a secure, transparent cryptocurrency lending market that allows fundraisers and lenders to connect directly.

How It Works

We propose to build credit for the 2.5 billion unbanked people around the world using blockchain technology


A fundraiser posts seeking an amount with an interest rate, and collateral. The fundraiser also adds some Creditcoin to the offer.

Risk Assessment

When investment and fundraiser offers are matched, the investor will assess the risk of the opportunity based on the credit history of the fundraiser on the Creditcoin blockchain.


The system verifies the deal’s completion by confirming the exchange of collateral and investment. Once validated, the system sends the Creditcoin attached to the investment to the investor.


When the fundraiser is ready to return the investment with interest, the investor and the fundraiser announce the deal to the Creditcoin network. The investor and the fundraiser complete the transaction by exchanging collateral and investment with interest.


Timeline with key events