To protect financial sovereignty by building a borderless banking platform that is accessible to anyone in the world.

The Internet has created a borderless infrastructure for information. This fundamental change has disrupted various industries within the informational business sector, such as media.

The blockchain technology has created a borderless financial infrastructure. It will break the current landscape of banking, similar to how the Internet has affected media businesses.

Gluwa empowers and connects people who were powerless and disconnected from the traditional financial services, the unbanked. Banks could not reach them due to their brick and mortar infrastructure and borders. However, the blockchain is free from both.


Our vision is to create a sound currency for everyone; to build a financial infrastructure which anyone online can use to make any financial transaction they want.

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Recognize the responsibility

Our users entrust us with their money. Many of them rely on us with their livelihoods. We take that responsibility seriously.

Think scientifically

We think rigorously using logic and first principles. When we have to make decisions based on incomplete information, we use the scientific method; hypothesize and test.

Communicate openly

Gluwa shares its honest opinion. We discuss to compute further not to win an argument.

Move purposefully

Aimless actions are harmful because they waste time, the most valuable resource. Our actions are always goal-oriented.

Respect the difference

We need a cohesive relationship to work well together. A great relationship is about two things, appreciating your similarities and respecting your differences.

Our Team

GLUWA is composed of highly experienced industry experts. We have built our experience in areas directly related to Gluwa: Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency Trading, High Traffic System, and Clinical Psychology.

Tae Lim Oh

Founder and CEO

Vladimir Kouznetsov

Blockchain Architect

Chris Yoon

Director Of Engineering

Aston Lee

Regional Director