We are on a mission to democratize the global financial system.

Our Story

As a Korean, Tae has experienced an extreme speed of country development. His father, among many others, was an expatriate who worked overseas; he built buildings in the middle east and southeast Asia. Since Korea relatively lacked higher technology or capital, but we had cheap labor. So, people were the only thing we could export.
Today, in our generation, things have changed. Korea has high technology and capital, but no cheap labor. Korea imports the workforce to sustain our legacy industries, but that is an insufficient measure to grow a country.
Like other developed countries, Korea has to export its technology and capital to the emerging markets. Trade what each other lacks.
With the invention of the Internet, we now have a borderless technology market. With the introduction of the blockchain, we are building a borderless financial market.
I believe we create more value as the market gets more efficient. The technological evolution of borderless markets will bring the next level of prosperity to us.

Our Values

Business vs. Art

A technology built with no user in mind is an art form, not a business tool. Gluwa's approach is to first understand market needs and then develop the best technology to address them. We are in the business of solving real-world problems to help real people.

Exceptional Engineering

At Gluwa, we believe that exceptionally engineered software systems are built on these three values: simplicity, ingenuity, and accountability. We embrace these values when we design our systems, to establish trust and ensure that our products enrich the lives of the people we serve.


We are not building just a company but a society, of which the company is just one component. Our investors, users, and even non-users are all part of the society: Gluwa cannot exist without all of them. Everything we are doing is for the society as a whole.

We are based in San Francisco, California and have offices in Seoul, Vancouver, Manila, and Lagos.

Our Team

Tae Lim Oh
Founder and CEO
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Bachelor’s in Computational Biology
  • Experience building on the blockchain since 2012
  • Founder of 3 blockchains and 1 consensus algorithm
  • Engineer (Alternative Military Service) of SOLiD
  • Organizer of the Google Developer Group Korea Cloud Platform
Vladimir Kouznetsov
Blockchain Architect
  • Moscow Institute of Management
  • Master’s Degree, Economic Cybernetics
  • 20+ years of building software technology
  • Senior Programmer at PNI Digital Media (Staples)
  • Senior Programmer at Relic Link (SEGA)
Aston Lee
Regional Director
  • Hanyang University
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Quality Assurance Analyst at NEXON Co., Ltd.
  • Previous CEO of Innotin
Mi Lim Oh
Manager of UX Research
  • Columbia University
  • Master’s in Clinical Psychology
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Certificate, Blockchain Technologies
  • Smith College
  • Bachelor’s in Psychology
  • Has worked in school systems since 2011
William Ryan
Quality Assurance Manager
  • Studied Computer Science at Stanford University
  • 13+ years of experience in Quality Assurance and Management
  • Senior Release Specialist at PNI Digital Media Ltd
  • SQE trained for testing design techniques
Nick Pashenkov
Software Engineer
  • Certificate of Technology from BCIT.
  • Bachelor of Engineering at Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics
  • 5+ years of engineering experience
  • Previous Software Developer at PNI Digital Media Ltd
Kyungbae Lee
Software Engineer
  • Gwandong University
  • Bachelors of Computer Science
  • 20+ years of engineering experience
Kyungjun Lee
Product Manager
  • Studied at Academic Credit Bank System
  • 10+ Years of project management and content creation experience
Ted Lee
Software Engineer
  • Bachelors at Hansei University
  • 1st  Lieutenant of Korea army
  • Web Developer of Team Nova
Yashar Nesvaderani
Software Engineer
  • British Columbia Institute of Technology
  • Diploma in Computer Systems Technology
  • 5 years of experience in customer service for large corporations
Elaine Crisostomo
Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Simon Fraser University
  • Pursuing Bachelor of Computer Engineering
  • Previous Junior QA Analyst Co-Op at PNI Digital Media Ltd

Our Investors

Steven Chen
Thomas James
Stuart Gardner
Aigen Capital