Gluwa Invest -
Official Release!

Gluwa Invest converts your idle cryptoassets into real-world lending liquidity, connecting your funds to high-yield lending opportunities in emerging markets.

Drive financial inclusion forwards by providing real-world credit lines to millions, whilst enjoying industry-leading returns throughout our unique portfolio of investment products

Start your Gluwa invest journey now!

Bond Account

A Borderless Investment Network at your fingertips.

Make your money work for you by investing in world-leading Fintech lending companies around the world.
Our accounts offer rates of up to 15% APY. Simply deposit your Gluwacoins into an account of your choice and start earning daily. Track your investments in real-time using the Creditcoin Network, guaranteeing full transparency of your funds.

Beat your Bank with Gluwa.

We offer a range of different investment products for our users, designed to cater to your individual needs and preferences. Simply exchange your cryptocurrency for sUSDC-G, pick the right account for you and start earning.

Cryptocurrency Investment made Easy.

Almost anybody can sign-up for a Gluwa Invest account, no matter where they’re based - all you need to begin is a smartphone. Investing couldn’t get any easier.

Compound Interest, Paid Daily.

All of our accounts pay interest daily, helping you compound your returns and passively build your wealth.
Your total interest earnings are neatly visualised for you, helping you understand how much you can earn with Gluwa.