Simple, Stable and
Swift Crypto Payment

Making payments with cryptocurrency has never been easier.
Giving you the opportunity to transact with commercial partners anywhere in the world.
All you need is an internet connection and you're ready to go.


Take control of your payments.

No Strings Attached Crypto
Wallet and Exchange

Our non-custodial services don't require complicated sign-ups or KYC - simply download, create a password, and your Wallet is ready to transact!
Over 1 million users worldwide already use Gluwa services to manage their funds.
Maybe its time to join them.


QR Code Payment
So Simple, Anyone Can Use It

Our QR code functionality makes cryptocurrency transactions simple and easy.
Just scan the code and pay. It's really that simple.


No More Volatile Prices:
Stable Transaction through Stablecoin

Avoid the volatility of cryptocurrency by using stablecoins, backed 1:1 with Fiat currencies including US Dollars or Korean Won. Our decentralized exchange allows for seamless exchange between Bitcoin and stablecoins, enabling peer-to-peer cross-border transactions with anyone in the world.


Swift Feedback And

Merchants can receive rapid feedback using our webhook at every stage of the payment process, including payment initiation, payment processing and final settlement.
Funds are transferred directly from the customer to the merchant without any middlemen.


Your Fees, Your Choice

Transactions on Ethereum require Gas fees to process. We handle the fees for you in your native currency, no Ethereum required.
You can also take advantage of our optional sidechain, powered by Luniverse, to benefit from instant confirmation. Simply pressing a button is all it takes.
Read more about our fee schedule.

Affordable Payment Processing Fee

Regardless of where the payment is made, 1% of the amount is all we charge as a payment processing fee.

Easy Integration
of Service

We are confident that regardless of your level of knowledge on blockchain technology,
our API and SDK will allow you to easily receive payments using cryptocurrency.
We provide an easy-to-follow guide for beginners, and we also provide development assistance if needed.